FIBARO devices operating with HomeKit technology

Remove the sensor from the box and add to Apple HomeKit. Download the dedicated FIBARO mobile app. Easily and effortlessly customize the system to suit your personal and unique needs. Enjoy the comfort and technology and rediscover your home again.

Flood Sensor

Detects water leaks and measures the ambient temperature.

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Discreet guard

The FIBARO Flood Sensor is a water and temperature sensor that informs you of a leak and warns you about potential flooding. Place it in at risk areas (like underneath the tub or dishwasher) and start protecting your home from water damage.

Motion Sensor

Detects motion, light intensity and room temperature.

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Home wakes up with you

The FIBARO Motion Sensor makes every morning wonderful. When you wake up, the sensor can activate your "Wake Up" scene. Integrated with other HomeKit-enabled devices, the FIBARO Motion Sensor can set the perfect atmosphere.

Door/Window Sensor

Monitors the opening of doors, windows, gates and the ambient temperature.

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door window sensor Works with Apple HomeKit

Back home

The FIBARO Door/Window Sensor is easily mountable on doors, windows, garage doors, gates, closets and more. Use the sensor to trigger your "I'm Home" scene when you walk through the front door. Also, use the Door/Window Sensor to protect your home and monitor your doors and windows when you aren't there.

The Button

Manually activate or deactivate any device and actions within the FIBARO System.

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The Button Works with Apple HomeKit

Never be late again

The Button synchronized with other devices provides you with a wide spectrum of features, which give you immense automation possibilities where you need it the most. Blinds, alarm, electrical devices - when you leave, you can secure your house with a single click.

Intuitive mobile app

  • Easy-to-read interface and easy to add devices.
  • Preview of the current state of all connected equipment.
  • Devices added by the FIBARO app are also visible and supported in the Home app.
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Siri voice control

"Hey Siri, what's the temperature in the Bathroom?"